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beyerdynamic Byron BTA

beyerdynamic byron bta
beyerdynamic byron bta wireless in ear headphones with mic and remote
beyerdynamic byron bta wireless headphone sitting in situe
beyerdynamic byron bta with ear hooks
beyerdynamic byron bta remote and charging cradle via usb
beyerdynamic byron bta usb charging cadle
beyerdynamic byron bta remote with microphone
beyerdynamic byron bta ear tips in three sizes
beyerdynamic byron bta included in the box

beyerdynamic Byron BTA

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Beyerdynamic Byron BTA

The Byron BTA is a Wireless, In-Ear headphone with superior sound quality and excellent functionality. The standard Byron BT set that bar high when it comes to in-ear wireless tech, but the BTA takes this to new levels. This elevates the BTA into the super leagues of in-ear wireless headphones.

With smart phones, TVs, tablets and likes becoming Bluetooth enabled, and with a number of phones removing the headphone sockets all together, moving towards a Bluetooth may be a wise choice. Why buy premium in-ear? Because you can't get much smaller, or handy than these in-ears and companies like beyerdynamic's are proving that you can get exceptional quality from such small headphones, especially with aptX and unique Digital Signal Processors (DSP).

What do the Byron BTA sound like?

What Do The Byron BTA Sound Like?

As with many beyerdynamic products, the sound is very natural, crisp and provides a level of clarity like no other. Thanks to its unique signal processor ( DSP) the Byron BTA provides superior sound quality challenging that of any in-ear, wireless headphone.

Sonically they are a very balanced headphone. This means they do not edge towards the highs or the lows, instead they keep things under control and let the music do the work. This is very beneficial for long listening sessions. It's also favourable if you listen to a wide range of musical genres, as no one genre will stick out. Instead the headphones will simply express what your listening to.

Byron BTA Wireless/ Bluetooth Connectivity & Features

Byron BTA Wireless/ Bluetooth Connectivity & Features

Wirless/ Bluetooth Transmission

Utilising the aptX technology and AAC codecs, the headphones receive data from its source via Bluetooth. As you may already know, the aptX enables the BTAs to produce much better sound quality, and at greater distances. The Byron BTA then uses its unique Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to convert that into a high resolution experience.


Microphone & Remote Functionality

As well as listening to music, the headphones can also be used as a receiver for calls from your phone/ tablet. Given that it has a microphone and remote, you can accept calls without taking your phone out. The same remote works well for choosing tracks, pausing etc.


Byron BTA Battery Life

The Byron BTA last for around 7.5 hours on one full charge. This is quite a considerable time given the weight and size of the device as a whole. A voice will prompt you via the headphones when the battery is getting low.

Charging is a little odd in that you have to connect a separate 'charging cradle' to the headphone remote. That 'cradle' then connects via USB to anything with standard USB e.g. laptop, plug etc. The advantage of this is that it only takes 90mins to charge. That's quite impressive in comparison to other batters of similar nature. It will however mean you will need to find/ have this device with you when you need to charge. That being said, just keep it with your headphone pouch, it won't take up much additional space!

Another advance of the cradle is that the headphone are very light and the profile of the headphones are much slimmer than most.

Features Overview

beyerdynamic Byron BTA Specs

Operating Principle Closed-back
Frequency Response 10-25,000 Hz
Nominal SPL 90 dB SPL (1 mW / 500 Hz)
Weight 12g
Cable Length 560mm
Charging Port contacts on the controller (charging cradle required), charging cradle then charges via USB into laptop/ Plug etc
Bluetooth Version 4.2
Supported profiles HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP
Supported codecs aptX, AAC, SBC
Operating range Up to 10 m
Battery 7.5 hours run time, 9 hours talktime, 5 days standby, 90mins charge time, 110 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
Accessories Included 3 Pairs of silicone eartips (S, M, L)
Pair of ear hooks
1 Charging cradle (USB-A)
1 Soft Case

beyerdynamic Byron BTA Professional Reviews

Please note that professional reviews for headphones are much more varied than traditional Hi-Fi. With Bookshelf Speakers and the likes, it's quite often to get 5 stars straight across the board. With Headphones, it's very rare that everyone agrees on the quality of the product, therefore straight 5 star reviews are very rare. Critically acclaimed headphones will generally average around 4 stars regardless of performance, so don't be put off by this.

That being said, we always prefer to show each review where possible, even if the review isn't so flattering. It is after all a very subjective opinion as everyone has different hearing abilities and preferred styles. Think of it like wine, you can buy a £100 bottle, but prefer a £6. At the end of the day it's down to taste and taste alone.

Let us know if you find any good professional reviews and we will add them to the site!

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  • Punchy bass
  • Nice dynamics
  • Surprisingly spacious
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beyerdynamic Byron BTA FAQ / Additional Info

Currently there are no additional documents or FAQs. Please let us know via the contact us page if you think there could be something of interest.