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beyerdynamic Byron

beyerdynamic byron
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beyerdynamic Byron

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Beyerdynamic Byron Description

The Beyerdynamic Byron is a critically acclaimed In-Ear Headphone which outperforms others in its class.

Beyerdynamic has a prolific history of high quality headphone products, therefore it is no surprise that the Byron is an exceptional In-Ear Headphone. The beauty of the Byron is that it's so reasonably priced considering its outstanding sonic experience.

Exterior Build Quality & Features

Exterior Build Quality & Features

It may be worth mentioning at this point that Beyerdynamic is a German company. When you first see the Byron its very apparent that they have been made to the highest standards. Considerable time has been invested in incremental changes which accumulate to a product of significantly high standard. Not only do they feel good but they are solid in their sonic execution.

The exterior appearance is subtle yet stylish. Just what you want from an portable In-Ear headphone. This makes them suitable for home, work and whilst commuting.

The headphones also comes with an inline microphone and controls. This enables you to take calls on the go, or interact with smart phone functions via the microphone. The three sizes of ear tips also help with different ear sizes and comfort whilst listening. Needless to say, Beyerdynamic have mastered the art of fine materials, as a reslt the headphones are very hard wearing, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

What do they sound like?

What do they sound like?

The Byron's are extremely well balanced headphones.

Throughout the frequency range they maintain composure and detail. This therefore suits all kinds of music and allows you to enjoy these headphones regardless of time of day/ mood or music type. This balanced nature also enables you to listen for long periods of time without suffering from listening fatigue. Some headphones are great for particular moods/ genres, but can be taxing after even moderate listening sessions. The Byron's are refined in nature and keep you engaged with your listening experience throughout the day.

Included With The Headphones

Included With The Headphones

beyerdynamic Byron Specs

Operating Principle Closed
Frequency Response 10-23,000 Hz
Sensitivity 105dB/mW
Impedance 23ohms
Power Handling 100mW
Weight (Individual) 13g
Cable With Microphone & Remote 1.2m with mic for smartphones. Media control via remote is for Android only.
Connector 4-pole mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm), CTIA pin assignment
Accessories Included 3 pairs of scilicone eartips (S, M, L), cable clip and soft pouch

beyerdynamic Byron Professional Reviews

Please note that professional reviews for headphones are much more varied than traditional Hi-Fi. With Bookshelf Speakers and the likes, it's quite often to get 5 stars straight across the board. With Headphones, it's very rare that everyone agrees on the quality of the product, therefore straight 5 star reviews are very rare. Critically acclaimed headphones will generally average around 4 stars regardless of performance, so don't be put off by this.

That being said, we always prefer to show each review where possible, even if the review isn't so flattering. It is after all a very subjective opinion as everyone has different hearing abilities and preferred styles. Think of it like wine, you can buy a £100 bottle, but prefer a £6. At the end of the day it's down to taste and taste alone.

Let us know if you find any good professional reviews and we will add them to the site!

WHATHIFI 5 stars

Beyerdynamic has made a spectacular return to the budget earphone market – these Byron in-ears are now setting the standards at this price.

  • Excellent detail, weight and precision
  • Authoritative and subtle
  • Evenly balanced midrange and treble
  • Comfortable, sturdy build
  • Some might prefer a more upbeat presentation
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STUFF 5 star review

One of the better-known quotes of romantic poet and king dandy Lord Byron is “I awoke one morning and found myself famous.” But that’s unlikely to happen to the Beyerdynamic Byron earphones, as you’re more likely to find them at a pro audio store than on the high street... Ultimately, the Byrons are a good argument for the idea you don’t really need to spend more than £50 on earphones. 

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