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audio-technica ATH-MSR7

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audio technica ath msr7gm gun metal grey compact
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audio-technica ATH-MSR7

Headphones | Over-Ear | Closed-Back | Microphone |

  • Multi-award Winning
  • High Resolution Audio
  • Microphone
  • Friendly Lifetime Chat / Email / Phone Support
  • 30 Day Returns
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audio-technica ATH-MSR7 Description

The ATH-MSR7 is one of the best all round headphones on the market.

Not only do they reproduce sound to a supreme level but they also prove to be very practical. Given that they are Closed-Back, it means you can take them to the office or listen to them on the tube. They fold away and also have a mic in case you wish to take calls on the go.

The large 45mm True Motion drivers provide incredible sound quality, therefore making them suitable for listening at home. It's safe to say therefore that the MSR7 are truly the all-in-one headphone.

Comfortable & Superb Build Quality

Comfortable & Superb Build Quality

Plenty of research and development has been put into the ATH-MSR7, as a result the headphones prove to be extremely comfy, even for long listening sessions. The soft ear pads mould to the users head increasing comfort and reducing external noise/ interference.

Not only do they feel chunky, but they will also stand the test of time. Given that these headphones are designed to be used on the move, you can expect to get many years of enjoyment out of them.

High Resolutions Audio

High Resolutions Audio

Most headphones labelled as High Resolution Audio are normally much higher up in the price bracket, so this is yet another card up the MSR7's sleeve.

Much like many other premium audio-technica Closed-Back headphones, the sound stage is huge. They pick out all the detail in songs providing a very wide spectrum of sound.

Needless to say they are packed with life and have an uncanny ability to immerses you in music wherever you may be. People often say they sound very balanced. This is great as it means you can play a wide variety of songs without one style being hindered. This also enables you to listen for longer periods of time without being interrupted with unwanted frequencies.

High Resolution Audio could be seen as gimmick, but for the MSR7 it's yet another trophy on the mantelpiece.

audio-technica ATH-MSR7 Range

audio-technica ATH-MSR7 Ranges

audio-technica ATH-MSR7 video

audio-technica ATH-MSR7 Specs

Frequency Response 5-40,000 Hz
Sensitivity 100dB/mW
Impedance 35ohms
Maximum Input Power 2,000mW
Driver Diameter 45mm
Weight (Individual) 290g
Cable 1.2m, 3m and 1,2 with mic for smartphones
Connector 3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini plug
Accessories Included Pouch

audio-technica ATH-MSR7 Professional Reviews

Please note that professional reviews for headphones are much more varied than traditional Hi-Fi. With Bookshelf Speakers and the likes, it's quite often to get 5 stars straight across the board. With Headphones, it's very rare that everyone agrees on the quality of the product, therefore straight 5 star reviews are very rare. Critically acclaimed headphones will generally average around 4 stars regardless of performance, so don't be put off by this.

That being said, we always prefer to show each review where possible, even if the review isn't so flattering. It is after all a very subjective opinion as everyone has different hearing abilities and preferred styles. Think of it like wine, you can buy a £100 bottle, but prefer a £6. At the end of the day it's down to taste and taste alone.

Let us know if you find any good professional reviews and we will add them to the site!

Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews 4.5 stars

The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 are serious headphones designed primarily for portable use. While they're positioned as being the perfect accompaniment for Hi-Res Audio files, we think they're something even better.

  • Excellent balanced sound
  • Very comfy for long sessions
  • Handy removable cable
  • A tiny bit creak-prone
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techradar Review

techradar 4 stars

If you're looking for a set of over-ear headphones with chops in performance and design, it could cost you a lot. But the MSR7 brings the Hi-Res ruckus for a much more affordable price.

  • Elegant design
  • Includes lots of goodies
  • Incredible sound performance
  • Tight fit
  • No inline volume control
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CNET 4 stars

The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 is a great-sounding headphone with the one caveat that its sonic detail is so impressive that it brings out both the best and worst in any given source material.


The Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 offers impressive audio quality, is sturdily built, should fit most people comfortably, and comes with three cables, including one that has an inline remote/microphone for cell-phone use.


A little heavy; not quite as comfortable as some competing models'; abundance of clarity reveals harshness or distortion in recordings.

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In this price range, this is clearly one of my top picks in the sub USD 300 considering there's a lot of good competitors here. It has that mature neutral sound, better than most of the competition audio quality and great build quality.

At the end of this review I must say that the "High Res" seal is no gimmick; this is a great sounding headphone for anyone. All you need to do is grab the headphone, wear it and enjoy!

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audio-technica ATH-MSR7 FAQ / Additional Info

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