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audio-technica ATH-W1000Z

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audio-technica ATH-W1000Z

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audio-technica ATH-W1000Z Description

The ATH-W1000Z is a critically acclaimed Hi-Res Closed-Back Over-Ear headphone with a stunning Teak housing. Packed with the latest technology, the W1000Z is a formidable headphone.

Some may argue otherwise, but many believe that the Teak housing gives these headphones a unique character like no other.




Teak Housing

Teak Housing

Almost all high end Hi-Fi speakers and a very wide selection of classical instruments are made out of wood. Why? Because they arguably resonate sound far better than any other material. For decades this has been the case, and even in this modern day and age they still stand by this methodology. It is for this reason that audio-technica have designed the W1000Z with a 100% Teak Housing.  

In addition to the styling, they also utilise the '3D Wing Support' system. This has to be one of the most comfy in the world, as the headphones naturally adjust to your head size without any adjusting. Many say they have spent hours on end listening to these headphones, all of which were extremely comfortable.




W1000Z Technology & Sound Reproduction

Inside the beautify Teak housing is giant 53mm drivers. These drivers have a two-part magnet circuit which increases the magnetic flux, resulting in efficiency savings and overall better sound quality. This enables them to produce tighter and more rhythmic audio throughout the frequencies.

In addition to the two-part magnets and bobbin-wound voice coils, the ATH-W1000Z also has the audio-technica D.A.D.S (Double Air Damping System) technology. This design channels air around the headphones enabling them to produce much deeper and more controlled bass.

The Teak housing also alters the audio experience as the wood gives the music its own unique sound signatures. Some may say it's a drastic change, other says it's a more subtle nuance. Regardless of the opinion, the general consensus is that wooden headphones sound richer, and provide a warmer sound thanks to their unique resonating qualities.

Coupling the technology with the Teak housing and you have a headphone that bares similarities to the finest Stradivarius violins. Often people comment about the extensive sound stage. How they produce a very natural and organic sound which is full of life and vigour, almost as if an orchestra were playing live in front of you!




Features & Specs Overview




audio-technica ATH-W1000Z Specs

Frequency Response 5 - 42,000 Hz
Sensitivity 101dB/mW
Impedance 42ohms
Maximum Input Power 2000mW
Weight (Individual) 320g
Cable 3.0 m (dual-sided), 4-core parallel cable/OFC6N + OFC/Elastomer sheath
Connector 6.3mm gold plated stereo plug with wooden casing

audio-technica ATH-W1000Z Professional Reviews

Please note that professional reviews for headphones are much more varied than traditional Hi-Fi. With Bookshelf Speakers and the likes, it's quite often to get 5 stars straight across the board. With Headphones, it's very rare that everyone agrees on the quality of the product, therefore straight 5 star reviews are very rare. Critically acclaimed headphones will generally average around 4 stars regardless of performance, so don't be put off by this.

That being said, we always prefer to show each review where possible, even if the review isn't so flattering. It is after all a very subjective opinion as everyone has different hearing abilities and preferred styles. Think of it like wine, you can buy a £100 bottle, but prefer a £6. At the end of the day it's down to taste and taste alone.

Let us know if you find any good professional reviews and we will add them to the site!


If you want premium closed-back headphones, few can match this Audio-Technica's combination of insightful sound and lovely build

  • Spacious presentation
  • Articulate and insightful
  • Refined balance, well built
  • Closed-back design
  • Design may not suit smaller heads
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Trusted Reviews 4.5 stars

These are among the best closed-back headphones, getting you open-back-style scale and a tone that balances pure enjoyment and fidelity well. The soundstage's definite borders mean they're not the very best-sounding headphones at the price. But they are top performers regardless.

  • Classy wood-grain cups
  • Large and lively sound
  • Better isolation than open-back models
  • Lacking some of the separation of best open sets
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Head-Fi 4 Stars

ATH-W1000Z, the Maestoso, is a successful upgrade from the previous model, ATH-W1000X, the Grandioso. It has excellent build quality, classy looking headphone that nicely combined the classic look of the wooden housings and modern design of the headband. Very enjoyable sound signature with the right setup. The Maestoso is truly an elegant boutique headphone that is a must have for headphone collectors and aficionados.


Elegant design with grained wood housings made of pure teak. Excellent build quality & comfort.


Require good quality matching amplifier to perform at its best.

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