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audio-technica AT-LP60-USB

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audio-technica AT-LP60-USB

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audio-technica AT-LP60-USB Description


Audio-Technica brings its legendary quality and audio fidelity to the digital realm with this LP-to-Digital Recording System. In the box, you’ll find everything you need to transfer your classic LP collection to digital files: Audio-Technica’s AT-LP60-USB stereo turntable, complete with USB output that allows direct connection to your computer; Audacity recording software (for MAC or PC); an integral dual-magnet Audio-Technica phono cartridge; a USB cable and adapter cables.

The turntable also offers a built-in switchable phono/line preamp that allows connection to a stereo system equipped with either a phono or line-level input.






The AT-LP60-USB turntable has several opportunities for connecting to Computers or Audio Devices with 3.5 mm Input. Using the stereo mini jack cable / dual RCA provided, you can connect your turntable on the amplified speakers that feature a mini-jack input, or directly on the mini-jack input for your computer. With the USB cable, you can connect the turntable to your computer, and you use these speakers of it. Or connect to your stereo system using RCA connectors.






For increased flexibility of use, this turntable has an internal stereo phono pre-amplifier. The Pre-amp Selector (Phono/Line) Switch is located on the back of the turntable. If the stereo system you are using has a PHONO input, set the Pre-amp Selector Switch to the “PHONO” position. If your stereo system does not have a PHONO input, set the Pre-amp Selector Switch to the “LINE” position and connect the turntable’s output cables to the AUX or other high-level input on your stereo system.






The turntable operates automatically. Once the button is pressed, the tone arm automatically moves to the starting groove. When playback of the disc is complete, the tone arm automatically returns to its support, and the motor stops.






The AT-LP60USB turntable comes with the Audio-Technica AT3600L stylus as standard. The tracking force is 3.5 g.






PC and Mac compatible, Audacity can convert audio from vinyl to MP3, WAV or other digital formats, preserving the quality of the original source.






Dual RCA (female) to 3.5mm mini-plug (male) stereo adapter cable; dual RCA (female) to 3.5mm mini-plug (female) stereo adapter cable; 45 RPM adapter; USB cable; recording software.





audio-technica AT-LP60-USB Specs


Type Belt drive turntable, fully automatic
Motor DC servo-controlled
Speeds 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
Turntable Platter Platter Aluminum
Wow and Flutter Less than 0.25% (WTD) @ 3 kHz (JIS)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 50 dB (DIN-B)
Output Level Pre-amp "PHONO": 2.5 mV nominal at 1 kHz, 5 cm/secPre-amp "LINE": 150 mV nominal at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec
Phono Pre-Amp Gain 36 dB nominal, RIAA equalised
USB Function A/D, D/A: 16 bit 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz USB selectable
Computer interface: USB 1.1 Compliant Windows XP, Vista or MAC OSX
Power Supply Requirements 230V AC, 50 Hz, 3W
Dimensions 360.0 mm (14.17") W x 97.5 mm (3.84") H x 356.0 mm (14.02") D
Weight 3 kg (6.6 lbs.)
Accessories Included Dual RCA (female) to 3.5 mm (1/8") mini-plug (male) stereo adapter cable; dual RCA (female) to 3.5 mm (1/8") mini-plug (female) stereo adapter cable; 45 RPM adapter; USB cable; recording software

Cartridge & Stylus

Model VM Dual Magnet AT3600L

audio-technica AT-LP60-USB Professional Reviews


A reliably articulate and well-featured deck, well worth the asking price

  • A clear, balanced and articulate listen
  • Rips records to digital files
  • Easy operation
  • Sound could do with more solidity
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