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Mission LX-2

mission lx 2 white front facing 2
mission lx 2 white front facing
mission lx 2 white front facing covers on
mission lx 2 white back
mission lx 2 wallnut front facing 2
mission lx 2 wallnut front facing
mission lx 2 wallnut front facing covers on
mission lx 2 black front facing 2
mission lx 2 black front facing covers on
mission lx 2 black front facing

Mission LX-2

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Mission LX-2 Description

The Mission LX-2 if often regarded as the jewel in the crown of affordable hi-fi.

For a number of years the Q Acoustic range dominated the scene when it came to entry level audio. When the LX-2 came out at £200 it was a strong contender, however since the price drop it really steals the show.

Technology Inside the LX-2

Technology Inside the LX-2

The LX range has an extremely rigid cone thanks to its advanced fibre formula. This formula allows for the cone to be one complete curve without the need of a hole in the middle. Many say that this increases the frequency range and crossover between the mid/ bass and the tweeter.

Great attention has been paid on the driver in order for it to produced maximum transparency. The driver has a powerful ferrite magnet which controls the movement of the cone and driver as a whole. This reduces unwanted frequencies and overall produces a clean sound with minimum distortion.

LX-2 Positioning and Adaptability

LX-2 Positioning and Adaptability

As mentioned above, a great deal of attention has been put into the designing of the speaker. Mission really took their time perfecting the LX series and the LX-2 in particular. The overall result is a very well balanced speaker that not only plays a wide variety of music well, but can also be positioned almost anywhere. As is normally the case, positioning just off the back wall is preferable, but not essential.

Given that the LX-2 will be paired with micro systems, being flexible on positioning is a key benefit. There is nothing worse than buying your favourite speaker to then find that it simply doesn't shine in your living room/ study. With the Mission LX-2 you won't have this issue.

Delivery of Sound

Delivery of Sound

Thanks to its extremely rigid cabinet and well thought out design, the LX-2's sound fantastic. They cater for all kinds of music, from delicate quartets to club bangers.

The stereo imaging is really quite remarkable and their punch and vigour is contagious. For their size they really do have authority.

Above you can see a map of the speaker. The red zones represent where sound is coming from and the blue represents where unwanted sound is suppressed. Thanks to the rigid design, the speakers are extremely taught and transparent.

Mission LX-2 Summary

So much time and effort has been put into this speaker to bean the Q Acoustic rivals. They took their time but results have been overwhelming positive.

The LX-2 is highly adaptable to the type of music your listening to and suits almost any space you throw it into. Overall it's great fun and would sit happily in any home.

Mission LX-2 Specs

System Format 2 Way
Frequency Response 60Hz-30kHz
Sensitivity (1W@1M) 86.5dB
Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms nominal impedance
4.4 Ohms minimum impedance
Power Handling R.M.S. 100W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements 20-100W
Crossover Frequency 2.8kHz
Drive Unit Complement 13omm advanced fibre bass driver
25mm microfibre dome tweeter
Cabinet Dimensions: 305 x 191 x 260mm
Weight (Individual) 5.2kg

Mission LX-2 Professional Reviews


The LX-2s are the most convincing Mission product we've heard in years and one of the best budget speakers around.

  • A sound packed with verve and insight
  • Strong dynamics and fine timing
  • Punchy
  • Good build and finish
  • Need care in partnering
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Mission LX-2 FAQ / Additional Info

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