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Speaker Systems

Traditionally speakers systems would look like your standard 1970's sound system. Today they come in many different shapes and sizes!

Previously there was vinyl, tape, CD and a few other formats to choose from. All of which required specific gear to play tunes in those particular formats. You then had a separate 'box' for your radio and the likes of.

The options for the 'source' of the audio greatly changed with the rise of the MP3 (and other digital formats). All of a sudden you could play music from a plethora of devices, such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, PC's and even directly from a memory stick. As a result, the traditional Sound System has change in appearance and in functionality. This is all good and well, but some methods of connecting your device to the speakers / amplifiers are better than others. For example, you may have previously used a £200 radio as your source. Moving then to a £200 phone (with £10 of audio technology in it) could be rather unsatisfying.  

Given the sheer plethora of sound systems and technical specifications, please do get in contact and we will be pleased to assist you with any queries!

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