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Speakers come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and technical variations for the different uses around the modern household.

Traditional Bookshelf / Floorstanding Speakers are normally 'Passive' as they require an amplifier to power them, and a source to 'feed' the amplifier e.g. mobile phone, CD player, TV etc. However many new speakers come with all kinds of tech to make them more versatile.  For example some speakers are Powered (Active Speakers) which eliminates the need for an amplifier. Some can connect directly to mobile phones / TV's and any other device via Bluetooth. Some also have the ability to connect via USB, Optical, RCA and the likes of.

Sound Bars have also become quite popular as they  can greatly improve the audio from your TV. They can also be used as a standalone system for playing music when you have a party, or just wish to liven up the living room a little. Due to technology companies trying to make TV's as thin as possible, it has greatly reduced the space for speakers. As a result it's almost impossible to find a TV with good audio! This makes it near to impossible to hear what people are saying due to the distorted nature of TV speakers. Often this results in people having to turn the volume up to max in order to understand what is going on in the movie. When in fact, often all you need to do is get a better speaker system that is able to produce sound in greater detail!

The terms can get somewhat technical at times however hopefully each product page should be easy to understand. That being said, we are always keen to help people understand the market so to help them make an informed decision, so please do contact us if you have any queries.

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