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Soundbars / Soundbase's

Soundbars / Soundbase's have become quite popular as they provide a simple and stylish solution to improve the audio of your TV. They can often be used as a Hi-Fi speaker substitutes also.

The rise in popularity has come about for a number of reasons. One of the key elements is that the speakers on TV's have become too small due to the public wanting ever thinning and more compact TV's. As a result audio quality and volume has been sacrificed. Quite often we hear cheap TV's that have worst sound systems than some modern mobile phones!

Unless you specifically search for TV's with good sound, it's pretty much given that most TV's now have really terrible sound quality. As a result people turn up the volume in an attempt to hear the music / voice better. The thin size also means the lower frequencies of voice / music are greatly reduced, therefore reducing the impact of blockbuster sound effects.

Sometimes you can be very clever speaker design, but generally speaking you need a slightly bigger 'box' to get more sound out of your system. The problem with this is that many people don't want to fill their prized living room with wires and black boxes everywhere. Although some may display their gear with pride (us included), others want a more discrete solution that simply works and doesn't invade into their space, and thus the Soundbar / Soundbase was created.

The Soundbar / Soundbase is often packed with technology that reflects sound around the room which mimics the affects of surround sound. This enables you to have all the sound coming from one space. Some also have additional Subwoofers which greatly improves the reproduction of lower frequencies.

Often these Soundbar's come with additional connectivity, such as Bluetooth which allows you to connect to them via your Mobile / Tablet / Laptop and the likes of. This means these systems can also double up as a sound systems for parties or ambient background music.

Bundling the sleek looks, increased connectivity and overall sound quality, Soundbars / Soundbase's are becoming a must have in the modern home.

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