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On-Ear Headphones

Due to tight living spaces and the rise of technology such as the iPhone, headphones have become increasing popular. Due to this surge in demand, companies have heavily invested in technologies to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished within such a small unit.

This dedication to research and development throughout the industry has drastically improved headphones within all the price brackets, therefore making high quality headphones accessible to everybody.

Culturally we have also come to see headphones become almost a fashion statement. Large over-ear headphones were all the rage in the 70s but soon became dated due to the walkman/ iPod generation. However, now they are often worn with pride. A sign of someone who takes their listening seriously.

Other areas which have really taken off is high end open back headphones for your living room. Dedicated headphone amplifies are also becoming very popular as people are understanding that high quality audio starts from the source.

We cover the following:

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Closed back vs Open back headphones

Before we go into the variants of headphones lets first talk about open vs closed.


Open Back Headphones

Open back means that the headphone can 'breath'. This has a number of pros and cons, but either way these types of headphones are usual used indoors, perhaps at home rather in the office.


Pros of Open Back Headphones


Cons of Open Back Headphones


Closed Back Headphones

Closed back headphones are generally more popular as they can be used inside the home, at work, commuting etc. They also pair with other technologies such as noise-cancelling which can be handy.


Pros of Closed Back Headphones

Cons of Closed Back Headphones




Over-ear Headphones

Over-ear/ full size/ circumaural headphones are the king of all headphones. Yes they may look a little bulky and take up the majority of room in your bag, but there is nothing more pleasing than the comfort of high quality over-ear headphones.


Pros of Over-Ear Headphones






On-ear Headphones

On-ear/ Supra-aural headphones are one of the most popular solutions as they provide the space and size needed for high fidelity listening, however they don't require the large amount of spaced needed for over-ear headphones. They are however a big step up in comparison to in-ear headphones.


Pros of on-ear headphones


Cons of on-ear headphones




In-ear Headphones

In-ear/ ear bud headphones have quite a few technical names, however often in-ear/ ear buds are used as catch all terms for small 'in-ear' headphones. However for the sake of it, they come in the following types 1) Earbuds - sit on the outer ear projecting sound towards the ear canal (think of old cheap stock apple headphones) 2) In-Ear-Canal / Canalphones - sit within the ear canal supported by silicone or the likes of 3) Canal Buds - sit just inside the ear canal and often supported there with silicon and provide a medium between Earbud and In-Ear-Canal 4) Custom IEMs / In-Ear Monitors - are designed to custom fit your ear perfectly, however universal variants are available.

In-ear headphones generally can't compete with the quality of over/ on-ear headphones (for their price) but their practicality sometimes means having audio vs no audio!


Pros of In-ear Headphones


Cons of In-ear Headphones

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