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Demo Room Rebuild Coming Soon

By appointment only

We are currently in the process of building our first demo room in our new premises!

Later down the line we will also create a small demo room dedicated to headphones, however for the moment we will be focusing our time and effort on our main demo room for hi-fi systems.

Believe it or not, this is our 3rd renovation of this room as previous set ups did not satisfy our expectations.

Custom Bookshelf and Sofa

Gulland Audio Demo Room Custom Sofa and Bookshelf

Mainly for aesthetics, the bookshelf will store our future vinyl collection and help break up the sound a little when roaming around the demo room.

One of our next projects will be to create a quadratic sound diffuser between the sofa and the bookshelf. However this may change to additional Rockwool depending on if we prefer diffusion or absorption.

You will also notice the sofa. This is designed so that you can adjust listening angles and positions. We may change this though as we may need to bring it forward by 20cm or so depending on how the range of speakers sound in the room. An additional footstall/ coffee table may be developed later down the line, however we are trying to stay away from too many hard surfaces in front of the speakers themselves as our hard floors tend to be a little tricky at times. We will however have a thick shag carpet on the floor to help first reflection points.

Rockwool Sound Absorption

Gulland Audio Demo Room Acoustic Treatment

At first we were a little worried about applying Rockwool to the whole wall, however the results have been quite satisfying.

Over the past few days we have been driving our Tannoy DC 10's. The absorption has really helped tighten up the mid/low end as the room tends to boom at certain frequencies. Yes, you will require much thicker Rockwool to treat the really low frequencies, but so far we are pleased with the outcome. Later on we will play around with panels in the corners to see if additional bass traps will help or not. Unfortunately we don't have enough room to defuse the bass as it could take up to 8 metres of space according to our current estimates!

With some of our speakers we find that the absorption is a little too much as the sound stage is somewhat dampened. However, we intend to build movable/ modular acoustic panels so to adapt the room for smaller and bigger speakers. These 'modules' may even hang on the walls, allowing us to really adapt our listening experience.

As mentioned before, we are quite early in our developments and we are keen on perfecting the room, so this all may change within the next few months.


One major area of concern is our very flat ceiling.

Depending on how our quadratic diffusers perform, we may need to place some additional panels on the ceiling. Yes this may look a little odd, but we are confident any treatment will help with the acoustics.

We may also look at different diffusion/ dampening methods for aesthetic reasons. We have heard sheep wool 'clouds' are quite effective for dampening, however we haven't tried these out personally. Either way watch this space!


Our approach is to try and keep the room as flexible as possible, allowing smaller and larger speaker systems 'room' to shine.

Needless to say we will be developing this room over time and will bring in various professionals to help us sculpt this area for the ultimate audio experience.

As mentioned before, this demo room will be by appointment only. We will never pressure sell and customers can take as long as they wish to listen to our range of speakers, regardless of their cost. We can sit and assist, or vanish so that you can really absorb the sound without any interference. We can even block out a whole afternoon for your listening experience.

You also don't have to worry about parking as its free and you will have the whole place to yourself.